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Aston Swallownest vs SUCL Under 15 (Under 16)

Saturday 12th Dec 2015 (878 Views)

Despite having to play in horrible conditions and playing with eight players for the second half SUCL put in a great team performance.

First Half
Even with starting the game with nine players the girls did for the full 75 minutes of the game.

Five minutes into the game Aston scored a goal from an offside position, the player was standing four yards offside when the ball was played into her, despite coaches and parents from both teams saying to the referee she was offside, this left the striker with a one on one with Emily in goal. The girls dug deep and put in a great shift to spread the play and create some half chances of their own. Twenty five minutes into the game Aston got a corner which was taken quickly, the ball skidded across the wet surface and landed at the feet of an Aston attacker leaving her with a tap in.
SUCL immediately hit back scoring a great counter attacking goal, the ball was played out from Emily in goal to Sarina playing in the right back position, she played a superb lofted pass up the pitch to Hannah, who, despite slipping over in the mud, managed to play the ball to Natalie on the edge of the box, she took a touch and shot sending the ball flying past the keeper.

While pushing for was played from Immi in the midfield area out to Maggie on the wing, who took on three players before cutting back and playing the ball into Hannah who took one touch and then played the ball out to the right wing to Natalie who played a first time pass into the box to Sadie. She seemed to take to long to touch the ball as she let it go across her body before she dispatched the ball into the bottom right hand corner of the goal.
First Half score Aston Swallownest 2-2 SUCL

Second Half
During the half time break Maggie had to go off injured, this meant that SUCL had to play the entire second half with only eight players versus Astons eleven. Early on in the second half Aston unleashed a shot from the edge of the box which Sarina managed to make a great save pushing onto the bar but unfortunately the ball fell to and Aston player who had the whole goal to shoot into. Even though they were outnumbered and conceded a third goal they still dug deep and gave Aston a run for their money. Hannah played several great balls over the top to Natalie who linked up incredibly well with Katie who went on playing some great one twos whilst moving down the line taking several players out of the game. When Katie received the ball back off Natalie she went on a great run down the line and played the ball into Sadie who whipped the ball into the box aiming for Immi, but the ball was intercepted before it could reach its target. Midway through the second half Beth made a great tackle in the defensive tackle and quickly played the ball into Immi who went on an amazing run taking the ball past four players, just as she was about to shoot an Aston player made a last ditch tackle before she could get her shot away.

As Aston mounted another attack Emily found herself alone in the defensive half as Aston counter attacked , she was able to guide the an coming player away from goal and then putting a great challenge in to halt the attack.
Late into the second half after Aston had scored their 4th and 5th goals, Aston broke through the defence, they shot from the left hand side of the box aiming high into the right hand corner of the gaol, Sarina made a great diving save forcing the ball around the far post.

Full time score Aston Swallownest 5 -SUCL 2

Despite losing the game 5-2 all of the coaches and parents were unanimous in saying that this was the best team performance of 2015. There were plenty of great individual performances and the whole team performance and attitude was incredible. Everyone played so well it was too difficult to name just one player of the match.

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