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Worksop 3 United 2 (Under 14 Red)

Thursday 14th Apr 2016 (471 Views)

Very disapointing result.

United winning 2-1 at half time, and the better team. Worksop didnt look like scoring, plenty of long balls over the defence , with Lauren sweeping up. United goals from Izzy and Darcy, who was injured after a heavy tacke before half time. Worksops goal cam from a free header at a corner.

The second half was our worst display of the year. Worksop committed more forwards chasing the game. Not enough of our midfielders tracked back and did the hard and unsung work that you need to be succesful.

The defence were often outnumbered and Worksop should have won by more, so well done to them, thoughouly deserved their win.

One side point is I have never criticised officials before, The linesaman for Worksop in my opinion couldn't wait to flag us offside and saw every throw in Worksops favour. Worksops 2 goals in the second half were tight, but level in our linesmans opinion, hypothetcially would have been interesting if it fell the other way to see the decision by the linesman. The ref who had a good game had to overule the linesman several times, which isn't nice to see at junior football.

Girl of the game Gabby - The midfielder on the day who tried consistently to mark up and get back to help the defence

Bad day at the office, hopefully we will get right on Saturday :-)

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